Sex Lessons

Sex Lessons is a series to learn tips and tricks from alternative porn performers to improve sexual skills

Handjob Tips & Tricks

Amirah Adara

It’s time for a new Sex Lesson with our dear Amirah Adara!! New tips and tricks to do the best handjobs! with Alberto Blanco

Split Tongue Cunnilingus

Alexa Nasha

Alexa Nasha, recently got her tongue split. Does this cool tongue add something new to a cunnilingus? You can bet it does!

Blowjob Tips & Tricks

Amirah Adara

Do you want to know what tricks Amirah Adara uses on her blowjobs? Watch this video to learn them!

Handjob Training

Sylvan will guide you on how to make your sex sessions longer, training by handjobs. 

The Clamp Handjob

Silvia Rubi | Roberto García

Silvia Rubi teaches us an awesome technique which she has named The Clamp Handjob. This so visual technique, allows to give pleasure in a circular way.

Tornado Blowjob

Sofi Mora | Leo

The Tornado is a technique that combines head, tongue and hands making spiral movements at the same time. Sofi explains perfectly step by step how to perform this amazing skill so stimulating.