Lilyan Red

Lilyan Red

Lilyan Red is no doubt one of the geekest girls we can find! 

She’s a self-taught computer scientist who can dismantle and reassemble your body in a matter of seconds, the same way she would do with your computer in you asked her to fix it.

Lilyan is a natural born gamer, she loves WOW, Diablo 2, LOL…

She confessed to us that, when still underage, she earned some money as a dancer in Second Life. B

y then, our Lilyan was already flirting with sex and porn, which she started taking seriously just a few years later, when she turned 20.

She adores The Cure, Queen, Marilyn Manson, Rob Zombie, Michael Jackson…and spending her spare time watching Anime, gore and B rated movies, with her rat Mostachia by her side.

Her accent will drive you crazy, just as her cat-like look. Find out more about our gorgeous redhead!!