Indie · Alternative · Feminist · Auteur Porn

ALTPORN4U was born out of the need for alternative porn in Spain since 2005 where it was non-existent.

Irina Vega at the head of the project, started introducing this stream through her own creations and in a totally self-taught way, working with performers who had the same concerns.

Step by step she was building a community where other directors, photographers and other independent artists have a place where they can share and show their own creations. All gathered in one place to show users that other sensibilities in porn are possible.

Our Ethical Values

  • Diversity and feminism (body shapes, gender identities, ages (+18), ethnic group…)
  • All performers’ pleasure matters
  • Before the shoot performers choose who their sexual partners are, talk about their sexual tastes, they agree on sexual practices to be performed
  • Performers can choose if they want to use a condom or without, providing up to date STD tests
  • Making content that can be proud of
  • Fairly payments in all areas. Promoting Content Share, the performers generate long term benefits
  • Every Director or Studio we feature is licensed or paid by commission from the sale of their content
  • High quality content, both emotional and technical

The creators of independent porn have always been scattered.

Each one fighting against the mainstream to show that a different porn is possible.

The altporn community needs to be more united, share experiences, help themselves and grow together.

Irina Vega is always updating ideas and listening Creators necessities to make the indie porn community to reality.

Get Involved

All help is welcome at AltPorn4U. You can contribute in different ways:

  • Buying our content – Support AltPorn4U 
  • Working as performer – Apply Now 
  • Collaborations with our Indie Porn Creators – Contact Us 
    • Sharing scripts, locations, spaces (your own or sharing outdoors locations you know)
    • We’ll keep your details on file and contact you in the event of a suitable project coming up.

AltPorn4U raises money to fund new projects and make new films through crowdfunding.