Sylvan Gvroche is a catalonian student, actor and porn director. Born on 1990, he began the first year of his career in…

… Spanish and English philology and completed a higher degree in the realization of audiovisuals and live performances. The latter provided him with the necessary knowledge currently used to make his own creations.

In the workplace, Gvroche has been from a coach and monitor of basketball, camera and sound technician, to a waiter. In the world of entertainment, Sylvan has been an advertising actor for well known brands.

In 2012, he began a degree in Criminology that ended 4 years later and ended up awakening in him his interest in gender violence and feminism, a fact that encouraged him to pursue a postgraduate degree in male violence.

When Sylvan is not studying or working, he spends the day doing sports, playing basketball (considered one of his greatest passions to which he has dedicated much of his life both playing and coaching), reading a good book or spending time with some of his pets.

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