BES 2012 Show Silvia Rubí

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We want to bring back the video of Silvia Rubi’s live show in Barcelona Erotic Show 2012, which dazzled us. It was apocalyptic, she made the public take part and they were left dumbstruck with her beauty. An alternative and incomparable performance.  

Cybersex: Silvia and Sonia

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We are bringing back this video from some years ago where Silvia Rubi (with just a few tattoos) and Sonia Lemon make cybersex with their webcam. Both perform in a most sensuous lesbian scene and Silvia, of course, makes Sonia cum intensely with her good friend, the rampant rabbit vibrator  


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The Mayans predicted an important change, many believed that the world was going to end but it didn’t, it was just the beginning of a transformation that’s already happening… That same day, Silvia and Irina did a show; these diabolic ladies drove the public mad in Inferno. Now, a year later, we can see at last what happened in such … Read More

Pics Compilation 2012-2013

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21 pictures at 3000 pixels
models: Alexa Tomas, Joel Tomas, Gina Snake, Toni Rass, Irina Vega, Silvia Rubi, Zoe Nil, Sofi Mora, Onix Babe, Eris Maximo, Maya homerton, Barbara Vamp
photographer: Toni Rass, Polymerboy, DIY