Lesbian POV

Inside their eyes

Zoe brings new lingerie to wear tonight and needs advice from her girlfriend. Since she arrives to home, we enter Silvia’s eyes to see everything happens from her point of view.

Alicia is sipping a beer that will offer you soon. Flirting, kissing and caress follows as you are finding another top interesting gadgets. They are here so… let´s work with them! 

Girls smoking a joint while talking about tattoos and piercings. They flirting until kissing and caring… fingering and playing with sex toys until the sweet butterfly flaps its wings twice!

Sofi Mora, the redhead rasta girl, who drives us crazy!! top to it up, Sofi’s first time in front of a camera and her 1st lesbian experience! Silvia and Sofi played with pearls, their fingers, and dildos…