A young man knows the power in the dark box of hell, he knows that if he can decipher it, will open and let out the evil inside. The Succubus will appear, a female demon, exciting, morbid, and thirsty for sex. But do you really know how far this demon is able to get through sex in a claustrophobic atmosphere?

When someone opens the cube, witness the terrifying shape of the Succubus. Despite being thousands of years old, her beauty is of a young girl with a tattooed body and a bifid tongue. Her intentions will not cease until Succubus gets what needs from this world, from you.

Indie porn directors Irina Vega and Adrian Mur focus on fantasy scenes: science fiction, dream, horror, comedy, anime, video games, pop culture, 80’s-90’s style… With a care for stories, photography and music, their films have a distinguished cinematographic style.