Maya Homerton

Fetishistic by nature, passionate lover of bondage, BDSM and ink, Maya Homerton body is a perfect canvas for the most incredible tattoos.

Maya have a penetrating and magnetic look that can’t help but invite the observer to her irresistible eroticism. She’s such a kinky seducer, so extrovert and captivating. 

There’s no room for any kind of complex, fear or shame in her life. She believes in nakedness as an art and wants to make society understand it is only good, pure and natural. 

That’s why Maya will fight relentlessly to show the erotic world exists and it deserves all our respect. 

She discovered the art of bondage in 2010 and it hasn’t taken her long to become somebody in this world. 

Her career started in Spain, thanks to Antonio Florez’s helping hand, and now she works in different clubs in London with Bruce Esinem and Nina Russ. 

Nothing makes her happier than giving pleasure and she loves attracting attention, doing forbidden stuff and exhibitionism.

Just give her a camera in an extreme situation and you’ll see how little she can resist posing!