Anneke Necro

Anneke Necro

Anneke Necro is an indie and alternative porn director, performer, stylist, and professional dominatrix.

She has worked for directors such as Erika Lust, Irina Vega and platforms as Lustery and Ersties.
Anneke with her partner Sade, have Mantis Lab: an experimental audiovisual laboratory, where the explicit and the occult come together to create sexual experiences which go beyond the tangible, with music as one of the main pillars as a catalyst for the visual/sexual experience.

Anneke also manages the Hot Topic podcast, a place to speak about and endorse sex work, feminism, erotica and desire.

She has also collaborated in radio shows such as El Puticlub (Radio Bronca), Magasin and Tardeo (Radio Primavera Sound) and has participated in documentaries such as Pasión by Maja Borg, DIYSex by Intensidades Films and Qué coño está pasando (What the fuck is happening?) on Netflix.

Anneke Necro is an activist for the labour rights of sex workers and the fight for the recognition of the work of porn performers has led her to join the OTRAS union, where she works side by side with her fellow whores to demand rights and an end to stigma.

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