Lady Unicorn

Lady Unicorn

lady Unicorn is one of the most interesting and multidisciplinary altmodels you can watch in Altporn4U. You will love to discover bit by bit what she is able to do.

Since childhood she begun collecting music. Later she got interested by Manga universe and Cosplay, at 17 she created her own music band, becoming the vocalist. She studied computer ingeniery and after ending the carreer, she decided to continue in Fine Arts.

Lady Unicorn worked as model in Playboard, a skating and snowboard magazine. She has been photographer as well in different Clubbing and musical culture webs, and later she became speaker in DYF radio.

She debuted as Dj in a rave in Cartagena, and has been playing her sets in many clubs until Djing in Le Batofar (París). Her mixes are known by its electronic sound influenced by Daft Punk and the recient dub-step.

As if this were not enough Lady Unicorn delves into the world of erotic photography as a model, continues designing and creating her own clothes, attending to events with her cosplays and many art projects.Lady Unicorn is a woman above all, creative and very sensual which you shouldn´t leave following on.

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