Inked vs Natural

In mainstream porn, like many industries, it is positioned by temporary fads. In the 90’s, the fashion in terms of the prototype of beauty that was sought in women (in men they did not think about it), was the blonde woman, with hair on the pubis and with large and silicone breasts.
From a few years ago until now, the fashion in porn is almost the opposite, very natural girls, without operations or dyed hair, but if depilated.

Mainstream porn has always had a hard time accepting the diversity of bodies, women and men with different aesthetics or tattoos.

Irina Vega pretend with Inked vs Natural series, to bring together two people with different aesthetics. One of them would be accepted by mainstream porn, and the other would not.
Irina, through different questions to find out what they have in common will be break down prejudices about physical appearance and discover what wonderful and open minded people are behind the clothes.

After that interview, the performers have sex together for the first time, Ivy and Selvaggia having flow and amazing sex connection… and really intense orgasms!

After awesome sex, a final interview to know Ivy and Selvaggia experience and thoughts, to know if something has changed regarding the thoughts in the first interview.

We discover also a funny secret from Selvaggia when she have orgasms! This video ends with a compilation of bloopers.