Jose Furtado

Jose Furtado

Jose Furtado, 1984. Born in Huelva and Sevilla resident.

His career started with an innate erotic photography, new way in the city and with its own identity.

 Jose’s pictures began to turn on an aesthetic full of eroticism, sensuality and taboos that left no one indifferent when interpreting them, either positively or negatively.

In 2008 after his first censorship in a Spanish magazine, it was his first exhibition, with the same photographs, in New York in an erotic art gallery called “Eros”.

Here in Spain at that time still do not know why Jose Furtado’s work caused an impact not entirely positive giving way to criticism.

“Coincidentally” After exhibiting in New York everything takes an unexpected turn and started calling for numerous magazines and meeting / exhibition premises, boosting his career.