A Girl Shorn

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Sloan Cox Sloan Cox BDSM and Indie Porn Videos

A Girl Shorn. Caught for dinner and tied to their table.

A walk in the park

A beautiful girl walks through the park and takes photos of the landscapes. A stranger chases her and takes her away.

Back at the ranch

Audrey, the woman from the ranch, happily receives the offering from the stranger. The hairy girl needs to be shaved for the elegant dinner. So Audrey prepares her properly for the event.

Dinner is served

After a few glasses of wine, The Mystery Gentleman and Audrey take turns devouring their dinner.

3 Acts starring Sloan Cox, Audrey Marina & The Mystery Gentleman.

Models Sloan Cox Sloan Cox

Creators Sloan Cox BDSM and Indie Porn Videos Sloan Cox