Rebeca Crow

Rebeca Crow

Coming right from the north, here we have this eskimo, a descendent of the Canadian natives and a scholar of North American tribes of natives. She’s a plastic artist, a painter immersed in the art of tattoo, being both canvas and creator.

She’s also a yoga instructor, an enthusiast of Budhism and Tantra, she exudes erotism and sensuality. Flexible and acrobatic, she declares herself a devotee of BDSM and Shibari, a world to which she was welcomed by Antonio Florez and Mr. Interior.

Madly fetishist of costumes, role plays (mistress and submissive), spanking and choking!
As a bisexual that opted for women since very young, no doubt she intends to go over a few of her female partners in Altporn4U! Kinky and exciting, a rebellious schoolgirl willing to play with her girlfriends. Alternative model, Suicide Girl and Shibari and BDSM performer.

In her, a strange mixture of tastes merge, from the American 60s music till the most acid of Trip Hops. She’s a bookworm addicted to the Beat generation and to everything that reminds her of her homeland. Prefers quiet evenings listening to vynil records...there is nothing more seductive than letting oneself go with her mysterious aura and her boundless erotic energy. She’s 21 and she knows very well what she wants to do...and the art to do so! she has room for all alternative stuff!

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