Bluttie Kat

Bluttie Kat

'My grizzles are the soundtrack of your fantasies'

Bluttie is a young and multidisciplinary artist, sexology student and diverse hand made therapies.
She has worked ocasionally as erotic model since she was 18, age which she started flirting with one of her biggest passions: BDSM.

Bluttie does numerous performances, overall Shibari acts, and another jobs in touch about secuction, among them remarks the peep show, place which inspired her first erotic tale published in paper.

She started working in porn in broad daylight in the center of Madrid, that first shoot was published in an article from InterviuĀ“s spanish magazine. from that point she has done many straight shoots along with different national producers, to now start up enjoying her truly fetish: women.

Extravagant, passionate and independent, the love of this kinky hedonist towards her sexual autoexploration and her personal development have drove her to channeling her anergies in four of her biggest passions: writing poetry, learning pole dance and blogging in her own web about sexuallity: Sex in Pan!c.

Her underground ars erotica will make she becomes your biggest obsession!

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