Antonio Florez Katima

Antonio Florez Katima

He is a photographer focused in fetish, tattooed characters and addicted to shibari. His work is focused in portraiting alternative models, not avoiding other model that could be interesting for him. He likes natural and spontaneous fetishism and enjoys transforming classic models into trangressors. He pays special attention in body art, tattoos, body language and the eastern art of shibari.

He usually looks for the inner fire beyond the gaze and above all the brutal but subtle beauty of art through shibari and bondage, that take over most of his career.

He has travelled around the world with his camera and has taken pictures of men and women that have called his attention while he was walking around a city or village. He is not a pure professional that relies on models for his works, Antonio also captures the beauty of people of his enviroment and being loyal to the nature of the pictured person.


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