Between lights and shadows

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Alexa starts eating Sonia, who enjoys a lot with her partner tongue. She ends with a great firework, and gives her back the pleasure with a cunnilingus, as she only knows how to do it. She makes all her effort…her receiving can´t resist anymore and finishes soaking sweet Sonia´s mouth.

Alexa Prado

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Alexa Prado

Alexa has everything any sensible and adventurous man would want in a modern woman: beauty explosive, wild instinct, passion for sex, multiorgasmic capacity, funny, happy and smiling like nothing, statuesque and curvaceous…

Giant fish tank: Irina & Alexa

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…two nymphs, dive into a giant fish tank when you´ll can appreciate their beauty, their erotic movements and their way of enjoying sex, in a different wave!

The sun makes me hot

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Presenting Alexa Prado as she gift us her hot precious body in her video day-view, this was also her first orgasm on front of the camera. The sun takes control of all her senses and sends this exotic Argentinian to a zone full of pleasures. Her skillful fingers knows exactly how spoil the most intimate parts of her sexuality.

Water refreshes

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Alexa Prado will take us to the limits of the erotic and horny un-known. The first time on front of the camera and the results end up with an incredible and refreshing splash of sensuality and professionalism to gift us with two REAL orgasms!!!